As a part of your worship team, do you feel that you lead by example? I’m not talking about playing/singing ability, but more about worship itself. Do you ward off sin? This responsibility is placed equally on all of God’s people, but being in a position where you lead a congregation into community, you are placed in a unique situation. It is easier than you may think for leaders to take the wrong path or make the wrong decision.

(Something to note is that I’m not just directing this at worship leaders. I’m talking about everybody being a part of the team. You all play an equal part in taking the hand of the congregation and bringing them into the Holy of Holies.)

The point is that if you aren’t setting that crucial example for others around you, you can accidentally point them in the wrong direction. People look up to you. They notice it when you get frustrated, they know when you don’t feel your greatest because it tends to show. I’m not saying that it is good to cover those things up, but rather you should take the steps necessary to root out “un-worshipful” attitudes. What those attitudes are rests on your convictions, but even being aware of the fact that you are being watched closely ought to be at least some motivation. You are very much like a Pastor, teaching people, showing them the ways of the Lord through music.

This notion of leading by example isn’t meant to please people. You are not there to ensure that people like you or are happier with their lives, or that they enjoy the songs. Happiness is a good thing to bring to people, but the truth is that you are a part of your worship team to assist people in their walk with God. Being aware of your music and pulling together a tight song is a good thing; it shows diligence and care. But those things should point somewhere other than yourself. Ideally, that somewhere is God. And if you want to be directing something to God, would you prefer it to be glory, or something else? Something unholy?

Wherever you sing praises and worship, that is your altar. That is where you sacrifice, and perform rituals. That is the holy inner tent of the Tabernacle. You are a saint. What will you do with that responsibility?

What I am trying to say is that we need to be very self aware as members of a worship team, let alone the body of Christ. If you aren’t experiencing that joy in all circumstances (I doubt any of us do), we need to take a moment to evaluate our hearts. I’m talking about Kingdom values, your character, your deportment. Do you carry yourself like a child of God? Are there attitudes that can deter your testimony? You may sing about the Lord giving you freedom, but do you live it? You might sing about the great worth of the Son, but is that evident in your life?

Of course, I am referring to living in perfection, which we are all incapable of. This, however, does not excuse us from living the crucified life. Being where you are, you will find much frustration and very little success in a worship team unless you begin to internalize your relationship with Christ, and allow God’s Spirit to move in you. Help other people in your team to do the same!

As jumbled as these thoughts are at this hour, I leave you with an encouragement. Here is a part to a song called “Through the Fire”. My version is done by Randy Travis:

“He never promised that the cross would not get heavy,
or the hill would not be hard to climb.

He never offered victory without fighting,
but He said ‘Help will always come in time.’

Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision,
and your adversary says ‘Give in!’

Just hold on, our Lord will show up,
and He will take you through the fire again.”