Anybody ever find that being a part of the worship team is very tiring? As a sort of mini-roundup for my last two posts, I thought I’d talk a little about the side-effects of throwing so much effort into being on a worship team.

Finding yourself in that position isn’t easy, because it tells you that you need a break from something that you obviously love. As I brought this up with a few friends, they were actually surprised to find out about the existence of spiritual turmoil in this setting. Granted, they weren’t a part of a worship team, but it goes to show how little this type of thing is actually thought of. I’ll make sure to ask some team members how they feel about the spiritual preparation needed for their roles, and report back.

The point I want to raise isn’t so much that everyone needs a break. Everyone does, but the thing that makes the difference is this: will you voluntarily take a break before you feel you need a rest or will you be forced to take a break by stress and fatigue?

You will be a much more effective tool in ministry by taking the former option because the breaks tend to be shorter, and the recovery necessary is comparatively small. Once you are forced into rest, it is generally because you have gone beyond your limit, and it is much more difficult to come back to full capacity when you are starting from scratch. This is also because of a general loss of confidence that can come from being forced to admit that you can’t handle the pressure that you are under.

I’ll keep it relatively short and say that you just need to know yourself. You devoting yourself to a ministry (not just a worship team or similar) is a great thing, but make yourself useful and don’t spread yourself thin; it really isn’t worth it.