This doesn’t necessarily apply directly to a worship team, but something that I have noticed within my Christian ministry experience is the lack of any real formal leadership training. We talk about leaders, or people who set a good example, but it is like they just sort of are, rather than they became. To me, this is something of an injustice, because we need Christian leaders. Should I say, we need more of them than we have now.

I was enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet movement from the time I was twelve until I was nineteen. During that time, we actually took (and taught as the years went on) classes on leadership, citizenship and many other things. Here are some thoughts brought to you by the DND:

Principles of leadership –
(1) lead by setting a good personal example,
(2) know your cadets and look after their welfare,
(3) develop the qualities of leadership in your cadets,
(4) make sound and timely decisions,
(5) train your cadets to work as a team,
(6) communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly,
(7) keep your cadets informed of all events,
(8) take good personal initiatives,

(9) know what your strengths and weaknesses are and
improve yourself, and
(10) treat your cadets as you would like to be treated yourself.


Qualities of a leader. The following apply:
(1) honesty;
(2) sense of responsibility;
(3) confidence;
(4) enthusiasm;
(5) dependability;
(6) patience;
(7) decisiveness;
(8) determination;
(9) loyalty; and
(10) courage.


Qualities that people mistakenly believe leaders must have:
(1) physical stature;
(2) toughness;
(3) a drinking habit;
(4) a tendency to make quick decisions;
(5) aloofness;
(6) genius;
(7) independence; and
(8) human qualities.


Leaders must have confidence in:
a. aim
b. superiors;
c. associates;
d. subordinates; and
e. themselves.


Some of these things are no-brainers for most of us. However, I’ll wager you just saw a thing or two that convicted you. These are just the notes pulled straight out of a training guide for Level 2, which means that if one joined when they were twelve (minimum age), they’d learn this material at age 13. And the lessons only expand from here on. Here is where I got this material. Pick any level of handbook you like. For reference, the links on the side within each handbook indicate a unit or section. PO (performance objective) 408 is leadership (Level 1 is not taught leadership).

No doubt there is a spiritual component to leading others, but we need to realize that there is so much more than having a good prayer life that will affect the people around us. My charge to you (and myself) is to take this kind of thing to heart, and work on our leadership skills. Do you have confidence in the things you should? Do you think that because you know a lot about a subject, it qualifies you to teach it or lead others in it? Think about it, feel free to comment.