Ever notice when guitarists get all competitive with one another? I’m sure this happens in other circles as well, but it just seems like we are always at odds. It is actually one of the reasons I really don’t like playing guitars in-shop. I find that I hold myself back lest someone come along and say “Hey, you gotta feel it, man! Like this!” They then proceed to take the guitar from my hands and rip around on some blues lick that I won’t be able to do for a few years yet. Yes, that has happened. More than once.

I don’t mean to sound like a sissy either. I sure do enjoy rockin’ out, but never being evaluated while I do it. I’ll play something that is on my mind or heart, and then I get told I’m not feeling it! Man, that drives me nuts!

I have yet to experience this in the church, which is a big relief. I have no doubt that somebody is examining my playing during the service (I do it to other people all the time…I know, I’m a big heathen), but so far nobody has come up to me, taken my guitar from my hands, and said “Hey next time you play that little riff, do it this way.”

Actually, I lied. That has happened, only it was for the sake of accurate reproduction of the song, it was put to me in a much nicer fashion, and not so the guy could show off his own interpretation. Big difference.

In any case, am I alone on this one? Do you ever sense that underlying hostility, or is it just hot in the guitar store?