With my new guitar! I alluded earlier that I was eying a new axe, and it is here. Here are some shoddy photos until I get out of this poorly lit apartment with it:





As you might have guessed (or googled), this is a Trans Wine colored Highway One Stratocaster HSS. This is an incredibly versatile guitar, in large part due to that humbucker on the bridge. As is characteristic of Strats, the clean sounds on this thing are CRYSTAL clear. That humbucker has got to be the hottest pickup I have ever used, and it is a tough one to tame. However, once you do and you’ve got the right settings dialed in on your amp, you are approaching the Les Paul warmth territory. The nice thing about it being so hot is that it is like your personal overdrive pedal. Either way, here are some youtube videos that I am particular to:



I’m running my Strat out of a Fender Cyber Deluxe, which is a modeling amp (don’t tell Fender I said that), and I’ll tell you that the guitar plays very nicely with all of the effects on it, adding to the versatility.

Speaking of that word, I wanted to talk a little bit about its importance. If you are playing in a worship setting, chances are that the styles of music you play are vast and varied. I know that we usually hit 2 or 3 different genres each Sunday, so having the ability to do each well is kinda important! This goes beyond choosing an instrument (though it is important) and speaks to playing style and ability. It will make your life exponentially easier if you can learn and practice many styles of music. Not only will it help you out in a particular song, but you might be able to do things you never thought of, like incorporating a jazz lick into a modern rock worship tune!

This is something that I am still working on, but I realize that if I don’t, I’ll not likely go much further as a worship musician than I am now. Being able to float between styles of music will make you an increasingly valuable part of the team, just as an instrument capable of different styles has the same effect.