Hey folks,

I was JUST having a small conversation about setting people up for success. This is mostly for worship leaders, but valuable for anyone to take into account. When you are picking songs are giving input into which ones should be played, REALLY try and know what the skill/size of you band is. What instruments are playing is also a valuable factor.

If you pick a set that is beyond someone’s ability to play, even after practicing those songs, you really aren’t taking their skills into account enough. You will end up with 2 results. First, your song won’t likely go so smoothly. Second, one or more people will walk off of the stage with handsomely bruised egos. When you run 2 services and they know that those songs will come around again, what level of motivation will those players have?

However, this doesn’t mean you don’t challenge your players. Every player should be aspiring to new heights in not only musicianship, but as worshipers. If you are going to pick a hard song, make sure that your band is at least capable of playing it, and work out the details well before the service.

And so we add one more thing to the balance of the weekly set. You need to remember themes (if any), congregation, skill level of the players…the list goes on.