I was browsing through some more blogs and came across this: www.worshipmatters.com

Now, the page that first came up was one on the weightiness of hymns and the role they play in the church service. After that, I saw that the author was essentially doing a book giveaway! The premise was to submit a short email describing why worship matters, and you might be one of twenty to receive a free copy of the book for review. I figured I’d submit my thoughts to see how it goes, because (aside from getting a free book that has already received a good reputation) we could all use more insight into this mystery that is worship. The email description has to be 100 words or less, so if you are interested, head on over there and send him an email. You have until this coming Saturday at midnight.

Anyways, the point of this post wasn’t JUST to talk about the book offer. The point was to expand upon the email that I sent to Bob (the author) and inspire some conversation about why worship matters. It matters because it is the one major component of our faith that separates us from the rest of the world. It is the means by which our relationship with God grows, and the best way to celebrate what has been done for us.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all that adept at doing what is most important, and our knowledge of worship is, in most cases, lacking. Understanding in our hearts the relationship between what worship was in the Old Testament, what it became in the New Testament, and what it is now is critical in our decision on how to proceed. Not long ago, I posed the question to fellow students: How do we respond knowing what God has done? What do we give, if indeed we give anything? What do we sacrifice, if we do at all? None of this was meant as rhetoric, but a true challenge. Examining ourselves, with the Word as our measure, we can see that we fall short of the standard. Worship was never meant to be our once a week fill-er-up time. It was meant to be how we live each day. Worship is all about things like communion, writing new songs and singing old ones, partaking in traditions, praying without ceasing; all of these things and more make up worship.

But to really get an idea, or a more full picture of what it is, we need to see others do it. We need to see how people from other cultures do it, how our next door neighbors do it, how our pastors do it and how the gas station attendant does it. Worship is in large part our expression of gratitude…and you’d be surprised to see what people around the world do to show appreciation. Some people really do go the extra ten miles in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

Worship matters because it is our way of life. It matters because it is the ONLY WAY to communicate the gospel to other people. It is the ONLY WAY that people will be discipled, and the ONLY WAY that people will come to Christ. Worship is a life changing, lifelong experience, and when people see that, when YOU and I see that…everything will be different. Remember that worship isn’t just music. It is a very large part, but that is not by a long shot the whole picture. Worship is everything you do. It matters because it is what the world needs.

Feel free to give feedback! Why does it matter?