Have you ever had those moments at a practice when there are loads of competing ideas all coming out at once? Have you ever thought of how nice it would be to just pick one – any one – and do it without a fuss? This is where the art of stepping aside comes in.

When taking in ideas about a song, there are a few things you need to think about.

#1. How does it fit with your congregation? Are you trying to rock up a hymn in a church where the general attendance is a little older? Will they appreciate what you’ve done, or will it distract them and turn them off of the song?

#2. Are all members of the band capable of doing the idea in question? Regardless of how cool the idea is, it won’t work if the band as a whole doesn’t have the technical skill to do it.

#3. Does it actually contribute musically? Are you just throwing this in for fun, or did you hear the idea in your head and think it could actually really add to the feel of the song? This is very important, because musical contribution is more than just making noise. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to not have the keys, or any other instrument playing for a song.

There are a few more guidelines that you can probably think of, but those are some good ones to start with. If your idea is just that…and idea…then maybe you ought to just let it go for the sake of one of the three reasons above.