I’ve said it before, but playing in a worship band requires that you have many different styles of playing in your repertoire (unless you record all of your own stuff, I suppose), and doing that sometimes dictates the need for different sounds. I found something today that just might be worth saving your pennies for…

I follow what Line 6 does fairly often, because even if their sounds aren’t perfect, they are always improving, always tweakable, and are probably the closest thing to a multi-faceted musician’s dream. I say musician because they cater mainly to guitarists and bassists, but they have a full load of recording hardware that is useful for more than just your typical stringed instrument.

In any case, they have recently released what they call the M13, which is basically the stomp box to conquer the rest. I know there are some rack mounted effects out there, but the appeal of the stomp box over the racked box (at least to me) is unparalleled. In any case, here is the link: http://www.line6.com/m13/

If you are at all familiar with Line 6s previous stomp box products…you’ll be thrilled to see this thing. Even better, Dwayne Larring from Sonicflood and other bands does the sound demos. Check it out.