How often does your worship team do a night of nothing but worship music outside of the Sunday service?

As it turns out, this is a great opportunity to bring people from your church (and others) a ton closer to God. You see, usually, people get their ‘fix’ on Sunday, and go the rest of the week leading lives that are sometimes not exactly glorifying to God. By offering an additional time of worship during the week, you are offering a reprieve and a time of peace and rest for the weary that they might not otherwise afford themselves.

Another idea that you can add to this is the inclusion of food. You don’t have to have a full blown meal, but have people bring some snacks. Jesus broke bread with his disciples often, and food will break down walls very quickly. These times are ideally a time of celebration, and though they tend to take a lot of work to prepare, are well worth it. Even a session once a month would be a great blessing to those that are looking for it.