This post comes to you less related strictly to the musical side of worship, but as being a Christian in general. It began in my mind as a rant, but, due to what this post actually talks about, I had to calm myself down and get on an even keel.

While I was in Guatemala for college a couple of years ago, we sang a song called “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love”. I actually didn’t know the words at the time, but I caught on to some of it and sang what I could. Immediately afterward, I felt sick. I thought, “How can I sing this song? How can I do it without a guilty conscience?” I knew at that point that I was way out of line. If the words in that song (and from the Bible) stood true, and people will know a Christian by his/her love, then they would not know me as a Christian.

I could make this a very long post, but I’ll stick with a basic principle that has kept me out of a lot of trouble in this area. Always think the best of people. When someone does you wrong, don’t automatically assume that they meant to. If you do, you aren’t loving them. Even if someone did do you wrong and it is proven, you must love them. When Adam sinned, God loved him. When the world crucified Jesus, He loved each and every one of them. So before you go around, confronting people ‘in love’ about their sinful lives, think for a second. Are you willing to go to the cross for that person? If not, you might want to think twice, and get that log out of your eye. Often when we think of ‘in love’, we think “I don’t want that person to screw up”, which is good, but rarely good enough. Check yourself before you check someone else.

To tie this off, I want to put a little more gravity to the situation. We are also told to love our enemies. That means that if someone puts a gun to your head, you shall love them. If someone kills everyone you know, you shall love them. Are you ready to weep and pray for your enemies’ sake, let alone your friends’? Think about what it means to love someone, and ask yourself if you will be known as a Christian by it. I think we all have quite a bit of work to do.