I’ve been working on a song recently that I’ve called the “Symphony of Salvation”. I plan on it being entirely instrumental, and as I learn more and more instruments, slowly begin to write more parts. As far as I am concerned, this is my one song that will never be finished. And luckily that is just how I want it. The work of salvation in us is never ending, so to me it is fitting that the song I am using to try and show people what salvation is like is also never finished.

My charge to you as a musician is this: What does your song sound like? Would you dare to step forward and labor over a single song to make it as beautiful as you possibly can, and never finish? I sometimes think of how cool it would be if there were millions of these songs all over the place. Even without words, I believe that it can inspire and minister to people in very powerful ways. If I ever get a recorded version of what I’ve got so far, I’ll post it. Just don’t expect it any time soon, or expect it to be the same if you hear it again!