Have you ever wondered why the band (or at least part of it) goes up and plays something softly while the Pastor closes the service? Obviously this isn’t the same in every church, and some churches don’t even do this. There could be a whole host of reasons why a church does this, but I wanted to focus on one possibility.

We all know of the power that music has over people, and while it is dangerous to weild it improperly, it can also be a very effective tool for worship. Hence we have worship teams, and some of our deepest moments with God happen to come with music. The book of Psalms is a very clear example of the power of music. Words are one thing, but a melody and rhythm add several more layers of emotion and depth to those words.

Some people have a real problem with music affecting one’s emotions during a time of worship, as emotions can end up being a little decieving (more on that topic next post). However, one valid reason to play some music at the closing of a service is to relax people as they enter into a time of corporate prayer. It is much easier for many people to set the tone of their prayer if there is music there to wash away their own thoughts and concerns. It sounds a little odd even to me trying to explain it, but that is the best my mind can do.

Feel free to suggest why you think that we play music near the end, I’d love to hear other interpretations.