If you have been in the Church for more than about a year, chances are that you have either participated in an argument about the style of music played in one church or another, or you have heard of said argument. The problem is that there doesn’t tend to be a safe way to go about this predicament either. If you side with a hymnal-only inspired worship set, you tend to lose the youth audience, where some of the more traditionally minded folks can’t stand the sound of the more rock ‘n roll tunes. By trying to slow down a contemporary song, you run the risk of losing the momentum of that song that people are used to, and by rocking up a hymn, we mess with songs that have stood the test of time and are close to some people’s hearts. Obviously, this causes problems.

The problem that I have is that it really shouldn’t matter. Everyone is entitled to their own preference, but to get up in arms over a musical style is fairly trivial. I don’t mean to have the attitude that exudes insensitivity, but if our worship of God is determined by the style of music, we have other problems that clearly need to be dealt with.

At this point I will say that what helps us to meet God is unique to each of us. For each of us, a certain style of music might REALLY do it for us, but limiting yourself to that particular genre can blind you from other aspects of worship you may not have thought about. I’ll go into more detail in the next few parts of this topic.