Well, I have now played around a bunch more with the Strat, and I still have nothing but good things to report. Every time I use it, and apply a new sound to it, I realize more and more how versatile it really is. Something that is becoming apparent is that it doesn’t really mimic any guitar you want (that’s what a modeling guitar is for) but it can really occupy the spaces you wouldn’t normally expect a Strat to go.

For instance, this Sunday we had 2 electric guitars playing…a Taylor T5 and my Strat (can you tell I’m a little out-gunned?). Because of that, we had a little freedom as to what we wanted to play. I sorta decided at the last second that I wanted to drop down and do some very heavy muted punk-like strums as we built up to the final choruses in a song. Almost to my surprise, the Strat delivered that sound by the truckload! Once again I find myself liking that Atomic humbucker pickup more and more.

The song immediately thereafter, I was using a clean sound the whole time, with only a bit of digital delay applied (barely noticeable in the mix). I started at the neck pickup, and literally every stanza, I moved further toward the bridge pickup down the 5-way selector. Without even having to think about what my amp was doing, I could literally overdrive my clean sound just by switching pickups. It wasn’t even a harsh, face-melting overdrive though. This was sweet. This was starting to sound a little like Johnny B. Goode, just with a little less treble.

I could give all kinds of little anecdotes about that, but the point I really want to get across is that this guitar is really inspiring me to venture into other realms in music. I’m still no great shakes at lead stuff, but because it can so convincingly play nice in multiple genres, it makes me want to learn more. Just like a good car or motorcycle, you want your instruments to inspire confidence. If it is totally out of control, you get afraid to try something new. Admittedly, I initially felt as though that humbucker had a little too much power on tap, but after playing with it for a few hours, you can use it really effectively. I would definitely call that a shining point in this guitar.