There was a little more I wanted to tag onto the end of the last review update, but I decided to break it down into two parts. Here, I want to talk a little more about the finish.

The finish on this wood, which you are likely aware, is of the satin nitro variety, meaning non-glossy and fairly thin. What has been really fun to see is how the finish wears as you play. I keep my guitar body clean with some Dunlop formula 65 (basically a lemon based cleaner) and a nice soft cloth (a la Fender), and so far, the finish is aging beautifully. So much of it is still an untouched matte, but where you contact the guitar the most, it begins to gloss. It is really cool because for an instant you think that you are looking at a blandly finished guitar (for those of you into flashiness), and then you get surprised by spots where the axe seems to glow. Very cool. At first I was a little concerned about the finish, but now that I can see what it is doing, I am all for it. Just take care of that finish and let it age well.