Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to the Designed 2 Worship conference in Edmonton, AB for the weekend. During that time I’ll be doing a little twittering, so if you aren’t following already, click the image at the top right and you’ll be taken to my Twitter page. I’ll try and do a post or two per night once I get back from the various sessions, but we’ll see. I do want to hang out with people too 😉

On the topic of conferences, when was the last time you sprung for one? They don’t tend to be overly cheap, which puts a barricade up for many people. AT first, I was a sympathizer. I wished I had the money to simply pay for them to go. While I still hold to the latter when possible, I have slowly become less sympathetic. Now, I won’t ever equate a conference of any kind to tithing in terms of importance, but by paying for a conference, you are still investing in spiritual growth. What kind of a price do you place on that?

The part about this that bugs me is when I see people say ‘I can’t go because I don’t have the cash. Otherwise, I’d go.’ Ok, so you’ve got a credit card to pay off, payments on a car or house, and a whole raft of other things. Money can indeed be tight, but, once again, what price do you put on spiritual growth and fellowship? Is it not an act of faith to step forward and pay in, even if the rest of the money isn’t there? I’ll cover the rest, including exceptions (I can feel some of you getting mad at me already) in the next post.