Ok, last post I made a bit of a challenge to step out and maybe take a financial risk on a conference where you otherwise might not have. Here is where I will qualify that statement.

I don’t think that everyone is meant to go to every conference. Yes, you could potentially be fed at each one, but I can’t claim to know God’s heart in this for everyone. Sometimes He wants you to go, sometimes He doesn’t. What it calls for is discernment. Seeking God’s will is all about hearing His voice. There are so many voices pulling on you in this world, let alone your own and Satan’s, that picking out God’s voice without actually learning how to can be fairly dangerous.

SO, the key isn’t necessarily to step out and go for every conference out there. But WHEN God calls you, you go. Obstacles for us are non-issues for God. I firmly believe that the reason we struggle so much in this area is because we aren’t quite sure where God calls us to. Imagine how nice it would be if He’d just send us an angel assistant for every decision…

Let me know what you think! How do you know when God says to go, and when He says to stop?