Now this was an awesome session. The talk actually centered around our attitudes as individual worshipers. I’ll stick with one main thought, because it impressed upon me something that I have had a heart for ever since I saw a Christian say this for the first time.

Have you ever told God in prayer that you weren’t worthy? I know I have, and I have heard others say it too. It might seem like the right thing to say, but know this: It is completely and totally untrue. It was the fact that Jesus redeemed us that we became worthy in God’s sight. God says to Israel that they have been made holy, and they are to act as such. He never said that we had to act in a certain way in order to attain holiness.

Remember how the Tabernacle worked. You would enter the outer area, the holy place. It was there that you would make your sacrifices and make atonement. Only afterwards would you ever enter into the Holy of Holies. Now, that atonement has been permanently made, and there is no blockage to the Holy of Holies. Now, this doesn’t mean you just barge in! Recognizing what Jesus did is crucial to even knowing God, since nobody ever gets to the Father except through the Son in the first place. This doesn’t just apply to salvation, because Jesus is ever interceding on our behalf. Asking for the forgiveness of sin is still necessary today, but the fact that you can go into that Holy of Holies at will without being destroyed is amazing in itself! God no longer resides in that tent. The tent was torn, and He now resides everywhere. He is with you always, and it is all because of the work of Christ. Wow…