This is basically a challenge for a post. I have stated similar thoughts before, but I’ll make it official now. I dare you to learn to play an instrument on your worship team that you haven’t played yet. Find some time to practice (I know, it’s tough, but worth it) that instrument until you can nail a few songs. Jam with some firends, to a CD, whatever you need to do. Once you are confident, try asking your worship leader if you can play that instrument, and list off the songs you know. I bet they are more than willing to let you, so long as you know what to play.

What this will do is give you a far better perspective on the music you play. Looking at a statue from a different angle reveals a lot more about the statue! Try doing this again and again, with new instruments. Each one you add to your repetoir will make you more and more versatile, and valuable to any team you play with. You don’t need to be an expert at each instrument, but having a working knowledge of its fundamentals will give you a great leg up. Now, your friendly neighborhood guitarist is gonna go practice bass for this Sunday!