No, I am not advertising for a songwriting clinic. In fact, I am doing almost the opposite. I am asking YOU, if you have experience in writing songs, either instrumental, vocal or both, to set up a songwriting clinic. Even if it is just for one day.

I, personally, have uncovered little to no gifting in songwriting. Maybe it is there, just buried somewhere, but I have yet to see anything of note come my way in this area. So, speaking as a person who wants to write but has no clue how to, I am asking those of you who are more gifted than I to remember us!

You can set up a 1-day clinic at your church and invite those who are interested…I think you’d be surprised at the response. Describe the process you go through in songwriting, how you tap into your inspiration, and how you make the chords and melody work. Everyone has a different approach, but your advice and your knowledge could be just the ticket to get someone started with writing their own worship tunes! Ask around your church for interested folks, talk to a conference organizer, talk to your pastor/worship pastor…the need is out there.