Hey there folks, and happy Thanksgiving for the Canucks among you.

Today’s post after the Thanksgiving hiatus deals with worshiping in all things you do. Recently, I posted about doing more in church than just playing on the worship team. With that post in mind, I’d like to push that a little more and suggest this: expand your horizons with regard to which activities can be worshipful, while eliminating the things in your life that you know are not and can never be.

This is a pretty huge task to take on, because you are broadening horizons while pruning branches, so to speak. I’ll start with the first half, and then continue on in the next post. Some people think that worship can only be done in the church, while listening to music (or playing it), and that is the defined time of worship. If you happen to fall into that category, let me rock your world for a moment. Exhorting one another, learning the Truth from your pastor and applying it, feeding the hungry, acting out of servanthood for one another; all of these things that are done can be done with an attitude that points somewhere other than the self. More specifically, acting as Christ would have us act (as He lays out throughout the New Testament) throughout our daily lives is glorifying to God, because it displays our devotion to Him over ourselves.

Remember that something that can be worshipful can also get turned on its head if we misuse it or approach it incorrectly. If we play music just so people can see how cool we are, the worship team is up there to create their own worshipers, instead of acting as mirrors and reflecting the praise upward. In the same way, something that is not currently a worshipful task for you could easily become one. All that needs to be done is that you focus on Christ, as opposed to the deeds of the flesh. Ask yourself “How can I do this for God?”

A good example that I will finish on comes with a bit of a confession. I like to play computer games. There we go, I said it. Now, for a long time, this was all for my own personal enjoyment. I wondered on occasion how cool it would be if I could transform this hobby into a form of worship…a sign of some kind of dedication. I then discovered (begin shameless plug here) Christian Gamers Online. These guys are actually an online ministry, specifically focusing on bringing gamers to God. They run servers for several online games, they do a Bible study, men’s group and much more. Obviously to me, this was revolutionary. Check them out at www.christiangamers.net and see for yourself. So there you have it. Something not ordinarily considered as a worshipful activity has been transformed into an evangelistic platform.