I am going to start up a series on leading a worship team from a follower’s perspective. Too often, the onus is laid upon the follower to simply be a servant and do what is asked. This is a good thing to teach, but you leaders out there have got to step it up with them! Here are some things you can try that will make your job a LOT easier, and make your band mates follow you out of a sense of desire, not duty. These ideas come from multiple sources, ranging from books to the RCAC curriculum to personal experience. These tips are intended to foster that servant heart you seek in your team.

Patience. This one is tough to have sometimes, when the team as a whole just isn’t getting the groove or someone isn’t listening. Here are some not-so-obvious reasons why your patience is a huge requirement for leading the team:

You need to square with the fact that not every task will go just the way you want it to. Therefore, allow for change to take place. Be ready for non-compliant band members. They might have their own thoughts and ideas, and if you don’t demonstrate patience and willingness to hear them, you will not only lose influence over them, but they will also lose sight of your heart and vision.

Decisiveness. Being able to make a sound and timely decision is one of those things we are afraid to do sometimes because we might step on someone’s toes. In some cases this may be true, but there are some components to this quality of a true leader that might no be readily apparent:

Follow up on that decision, especially if it had to be made at the drop of a hat. The buck stops with you, but that doesn’t mean you make the decision and leave it as is. Once all is said and done, ask your band how they think it went, and LISTEN. Showing that you actually care how it affected the team will go miles in making sure that none of them walk away with hurt feelings or unspoken frustration. Don’t think you can get away without doing this either…even some of the most outspoken people won’t tell you everything unless you are intentional about it and ask.

Confidence. You need confidence in God, your superiors, your followers, your aim and yourself. If you lack that in any of those areas, don’t wait. Build it now. Here is what you might not have realized about confidence:

It is extremely easy to spot a leader who is complacent with any of the above mentioned things. Confidence is very contageous, but a lack thereof is as well. Once you know of your own confidence in these things, make sure that your team has the same. You need to know about issues going on between your team and the church leadership, or if they don’t think that your vision is quite on par. Once you know those things, you can address them face to face. Share WHY you are confident in these things, but think about it first. Communicate that message clearly, and it will be easier for your followers to catch on.

This is by no means the end, and there is much more to come. Until next post!