Well, as I type I am in the 3rd session of 6 this weekend, and so far each message has varied significantly. They all attack the same issue, just from different angles, which is something to be appreciated. As I said earlier, the general theme is that men of courage act with no compromise in today’s world (which, coincidentally, chides you into a life of compromise). This is an important topic today, and for a number of reasons.

As most of you already know, men in church seem bored. There are endless books and works out there depicting this problem, so I won’t really get into it. This means that the church hasn’t captured the attention of men, and while the blame doesn’t rest on the church alone, it does present a siginificant problem; if men aren’t interested in church, what are they interested in? What do they invest their time and energies in? Unfortunately, the answer is already clear to many of you. As I always stress, none of us are perfect, so this isn’t a big “judge guys” post. However, there are some key areas that men really do struggle with, and the obvious answer is the church. Guys are stuck in a rut with their marriage, their sin, their job, and any other number of things. So the general question these pastors are asking us is this: Are you going to stand for that? You are getting the life sucked out of you, and you know it is happening, so what will you do?

This is an incredibly relevant message for men in North America today. We are rich and bored, which is obviously not a good combination.

I’ll do another update tonight to finalize the thoughts on today’s sessions and hopefully again tomorrow before we leave this place.

Oh, and as a side note, Lake Louise is beautiful, as always. The food is incredible, too. Until tonight!