Well, to keep the long story of my internet story short, I had problems with it at the hotel.

Now that I got that out of the way, here is a second update to the men’s conference.

The message that I alluded to in the first post still resonated with the guys, and we got together as guys from our individual church to discuss those things and pray over them. Some men were motivated to do the things that had been nagging at them for a long time, others had finally broken the bondage of a rough early family life. All in all, our time that night was well spent, and there was lots of prayer going around the room as we ministered to one another.

The music that was chosen was pretty awesome, with some songs we all knew, a few other new ones and a little in between. Each had ample room to simply hang on a stanza of choice so that if the team felt led, they wouldn’t have to cut anything short. This time was one of personal breakthrough in worship for me, so I was glad I went even if only for that.

It is difficult to pick out exactly what to say about the conference, especially since my thoughts are still a little hazy and need processing. Guys were ministered to, struggles were fought and won, and many walked away challenged to shed the compromises that simply snaked their way into their lives and had its way with them.