Well, election day has come and gone, and the winner decided. It will certainly be an interesting time ahead of us, so, like I said in my last post, let us pray for our leaders and bless them as they move forward into this HUGE undertaking.

For the real message of this post, I want to impress upon you something that I have gained from the book “Worship Matters”, which I am hoping to give a full review on shortly. The basic idea was that the words in the song are the important part, if you had to pick one. The music does add another element to those words and allows you to express them with certain emotional overtones, but the words are the heart; they are the message. So, even if you don’t sing, how much do you focus on the words? This part of a song is what ministers to us, and there is a reason we don’t just play instrumentals on Sunday! Remember that God didn’t just beam down a tape player (do people even use those anymore?), from which emitted this face-melting solo, and then His people got the message. No, instead He gave us His Word. Everything written in that book was meant to be spoken, and while the importance of music in worship is stressed throughout, it isn’t the cheif component of our worship. So, do you know the words to the songs you play? Do you simply read them off of the sheet as you go? Put these words into your heart, folks. Study the songs you play, glean the turths, find the scriptures that correspond, and know their significance. That really is a major factor to intentionalizing your worship. What good is the Truth if you don’t know it? Or if you don’t speak it?