So I was talking with a friend very early this morning, and he was describing to me a situation where he felt that he should confront some friends over an issue. He prayed and said “God, if you want me to do this, show me some signs.” To keep it relatively short, my friend thought he had seen the signs he needed prior to confronting these people and he did so. The situation didn’t turn out so well, and he was being urged on more sides than one to apologize, even by God Himself. My friend is sitting there thinking “God, you showed me the signs! Why should I be apologizing? YOU told me to do this!” God’s response to him was this: “No, YOU told you to do this. The signs you saw weren’t from me. You were looking for anything that would validate confronting your friends, because you were so sure that you were right.” My friend responded “But I WAS right!” God said “It was never about being right, John. Was it right that my Son was crucified for doing nothing wrong? Was it fair that my Son got beaten, bloodied and scarred? Was any of that right to you? It has always been about relationship. You do what it takes to mend that friendship, because THAT is what I am about.”

Now, I didn’t use my buddy’s real name in this, but I think you can get the picture. In all of our daily lives, we as Christians can get incredibly focused on being correct. Now, say what you will about how God speaks to people, but I know this guy well enough to know that this, in effect, conversation with God is legitimate. The message he recieved here is absolutely pivotal for our walk. If it is about being right, then where does that put us compared to God? So for those out there who read this and are reminded through this that they don’t have it all together, God loves you in an incredible way. If you’ve been so fortunate as to abandon yourself enough to notice it, it is enough to bring you to your knees. Have this attitude with one another, and do what it takes to mend relationships.