Well folks, I’ve been slowly working up the courage for this particular topic. As you can guess by the title, I will be picking through the debate that exists between two general camps: those who see that the contemporary style of worship music has a place and is theologically valid, and those who don’t. Some of you think this debate is dead, and to some extent it may be. However, it can stretch even further and we can ask ourselves if we think that heavy metal can really give a Christian message, or if screamo music can portray Christ just as equally as a hynm night.

Throughout this debate, which will be long (I can assure you of that), we will be browsing through the different genres of music and discussing with various people their authenticity and feasibility within the Christian world view. I urge you to give as much feedback as you deem necessary to this debate, because while I might have an opinion or bias, the whole point is to get to the truth of the matter.

I plan on learning a ton throughout this endeavor, and hope you do as well. Stay tuned!