Hey folks,

Before I get you the results from the music survey, I wanted to throw this in for kicks. I had seen advertisements for a music-based game called Audiosurf, but never really looked into it or tried a demo. Well, I decided to give it a shot the other day, and almost immediately bought a digital copy. Now, before you shy away because you don’t like videogames, at least read the rest of this and see what it is all about.

Audiosurf is a combination between an old-school racing game (think F-Zero) and Guitar Hero, only you use your mouse and your own music library (or a CD) instead of a pre-determined one. Basically, you choose a song for the game to use, the software will analyze it for intensity and seperate the instrument voices, and will then build a ‘track’ based on it. If a song is more mellow, the colors displayed within the game will be cooler, and the trach will move by slower. As intensity picks up, the game takes on a faster pace, and hot colors replace the cool ones. The point of the game is actually to collect colored boxes. As you collect them they form groups, and any group of three or more is worth points. The hotter the color of the boxes or the bigger the grouping is, the more points it is worth.

Beyond that I don’t want to get into the specifics, because in reality it is quite simple. It is $10 for the full version, with no monthly fees or restrictions. If you like listening to music, this game is actually pretty cool. It has a good interpretation of the songs you load into it, and you can even play it with someone using the mouse AND keyboard. Even cooler is the fact that you can compare scores with people from around the world who have played the same song. Rivalry between pastors, anyone?

You can try the demo and buy the game here. The transaction is all online, so if you purchase it, you will download the game directly from the web store. Have fun!