Well folks, here they are. The first round of the results from the survey are prepped. I know there has been some anticipation, so here are the numbers. Until we get into the open-ended discussion, most of it will be just numerical values.

When asked about the appropriateness of various genres of music in personal worship on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most appropriate), the answers were as follows…

Classical)                                 Average: 3.9 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

Rock)                                       Average: 4.7 Lowest: 4 Highest: 5

Rap)                                         Average: 3.8 Lowest: 2 Highest: 5

Hip-hop)                                 Average: 3.9 Lowest: 2 Highest: 5

R&B)                                         Average: 3.8 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

Metal)                                      Average: 4.0 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

Techno)                                   Average: 3.4 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

Folk)                                        Average: 4.2 Lowest: 2 Highest: 5

Blues)                                      Average: 4.2 Lowest: 3 Highest: 5

Christian Traditional)              Average: 4.0 Lowest: 2 Highest: 5

Country/Western)                    Average: 4.1 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

Jazz)                                        Average: 4.1 Lowest: 2 Highest: 5

So what can we discern from these numbers? Well, first off, there is a general acceptance of all types of music within a personal worship setting. Some obviously went over better than others, but no average ever dipped below a 3.4 out of 5, which is a sign that we aren’t in general, very picky.

Even more telling though, are the highest and lowest numbers. The highest ones were always 5s, as some of the surveys returned had nothing but 5s in this category. The lowest ones really give you a sense of what is the most popular though. The rock genre not only came in as the most popular on average, but was never scored below a 4. This is probably because Christian rock bands are not only everywhere, but still a relatively new phenomena.

Some anomalies were encountered here, and was evidenced by people’s explanations of their score choices. Several respondents took the question personally, and answered based on their preference, while others answered based on the appropriateness in light of what Scripture says. Neither method was necessarily wrong, but it should be noted that some (very few) scores were inconsistent with the rest. Just know that the goal was to reach an understanding of appropriateness, not preference.

Genres that scored low due to reasons other than personal preference were techno, metal, classical and jazz.

Whether or not you took the survey, weigh in! What do you think of the results so far? (Oh, and believe me…MUCH more to come.)