Now for some of the logic behind the ratings of the various genres of music. Rather than post full blown answers from several respondents (since most of them were quite long), I will convey the main message that people responded with and supply short quotations.

Some folks, as you saw from the last post, saw every genre as appropriate for use (look for an article dealing directly with this in the near future) in a personal AND congregational setting. One person cited the fact that lyrics in a song are a determining factor in its appropriateness, stating that “Music is music. It’s the lyrics that may seem offensive. But if you take the lyrics out, how can one note be inappropriate?”

Another answer was discussing the idea that certain congregations will simply be attracted to certain genres of music, and that was OK. “…it is not the music itself, but how it helps or fits into the congregation that matters.”

One person responded by directly addressing the Christian Traditional style, saying that they are often directly inspired by Scripture, whereas their more contemporary counterparts can focus on messages that, while encouraging and Biblical, can lack depth and teaching elements.

What are your thoughts?