Alrighty! Here are the next round of results from the survey.

When asked how important musical worship is personally (as according to each individual respondent) by rating it 1 to 5, where 5 denotes high importance and 1 means no importance, the responses tallied up as follows:

Average: 4.4 Lowest: 1 Highest: 5

So, it is fairly obvious that you thought this was very important!

Not all respondents disclosed their reasons for their choices, but I’ll post a few quotes from those who did.

“Music stirs the emotions, or has been produced by emotions that have been stirred, and when it comes to worship, all of me should be involved.”

“Music speaks to a part of the human soul that words simply cannot reach.”

“I think that musical worship is important, and is helpful in reinforcing in beliefs, but it is not essential. What music you listen to should not be the biggest influence in your relationship with God, in my opinion.”

“I feel as though musical worship is important. It is a great tool for encouraging and uplifting. When times are hard, there aren’t many things better to do than to flip on some Christian music.”

So there you have it. There are some thoughts behind the importance behind musical worship on a personal level. Do you agree? Disagree?