I was just asked by my grandparents to give them a belated birthday list (which is always a cool question to answer), and I immediately started thinking about some guitar gear I had been scouting out for a while. Not only was it fun to do a little window shopping, but it was interesting to note how much I underestimated my current rig. Most guys out there have way more than I do, but when I took a step back and realized how flexible my stuff was already, I was able to scrub all kinds of stuff off of the wish list.

A guitarist can sometimes get labeled as a gear junky, especially if they like writing songs. This isn’t often far from the truth, and sometimes it makes sense to have lots of gear. BUT, before you go blowing all kinds of dollars on new stuff, use what you have as if it was all you’d ever get to use. Get creative with the tools in your hands, and really experiment with your own technique, not just the shiny electronics with lights. The sounds you make come partly from you, so never underestimate that, either.