Ok, so our church building is practically brand new. We moved into it a few short months ago from a rented hall at the local seniors’ center. This is a HUGE (literally) step up from where we were. Dedicated rooms for various activities, nice big sanctuary with stage, new sound system…really an ideal situation in a lot of ways. But of course, we know how to find problems in the midst of this, right?

Well, we have a big one. The audio experts reading this (the same ones who will probably stop reading this because they realize how little I know) are about to bury their heads in their hands. Our room is 48’x48’x18′. Almost a perfect drywall and concrete cube, which in audio terms can be translated into “reverb chamber”. Yes…with our new building, new amps, new main speakers, new monitors, new mixer(s), new EQ, and new compressor, we still wrestle with an old problem.

The solution? Why, acoustic treatment, of course! This is basically a primer on our upcoming “Acoustic Beautification” project. I actually submit the proposal for our treatment in a matter of days, and upon acceptance, we are gonna get rocking with this very quickly. I will keep y’all (sorry Texans…bad habit) posted with photos and costs as we go along. The hope is that some beleaguered volunteer sound tech will stumble across this blog post and see a ray of hope. I’ll tell that particular person right now: this can be done, and it can be done cheaply. You can be relatively headache-free, and stop wrestling with impossible mixes due to bad acoustics. Stay tuned 😉