Anyone who has been around a worship team for more than 10 minutes probably knows a thing or two about the presentation software industry. It is full of contenders like the ever-present PowerPoint and Keynote, all the way to high-end products like ProPresenter, EasyWorship, and MediaShout.

Well, there is a new guy, and it looks to be a very promising offering indeed. In a nutshell, Proclaim seeks to move the major components of presentation creation from a single computer to the cloud. By doing this, they eliminate the confusion of multiple presentation files (all of which are different in countless ways) and our pathetic efforts at syncing them. From what I can tell, it looks and smells like high end presentation software meets Google Wave, the new-ish online collaboration platform. They explain it well in a short video on their site, so check it out at and tell me what you think. It hasn’t been released yet, but you can sign up for updates or just follow along here to get all the details as they become available. I’ve made contact with one of their team and am trying to pry the goods out of him as I type this.

These guys n gals are the ones that are hosting the aforementioned giveaway, which by the way is massive and crazy. The prize is valued at $25,000, and looking at the list of sponsors, it isn’t hard to imagine. Everything from training materials and music to software and web design is on the table, and I’ll be blogging specifically about some of them as time goes on. By visiting their website, you can learn more about the giveaway; but here I will be doing extra legwork for you, looking into each company, telling you what they are about, what they do and what their part in the giveaway is. Stay tuned!