…because someone might sue me for using “The start of something good” as a post title.

To the point. I am going to be posting about a sweet giveaway that is happening, and its sister posts will be about the specific products and companies included in the giveaway. The purpose is threefold. Firstly, I look through the prize list and the folks providing them, and I am astounded at the generosity and wealth of information/resources at stake. Secondly, these companies are all actually pretty cool, and they have a lot to offer to worship musicians and leaders. Thirdly, I am entering to win several of these prizes simply by talking about them. If you feel like you are being marketed to, feel free to ignore me for the next week or two. BUT, know this: I wouldn’t do this if I had any doubt in my mind about the usefulness of these products in the context of this blog.

SO, here goes nothing…