Ok, I skipped waaay down the the Proclaim giveaway sponsors’ list to get to this particular company. And now you get to see why.

Luna Guitars is a neat operation that set out to make comfortable, light and beautiful guitars and basses. Read more about it’s inspiration here. This outfit takes the instruments many of us use regularly and really goes all out in making them inspire us to play. As any guitarist will tell you, how an instrument looks is generally pretty important…you have to want to look at your instrument and REALLY want to play it. You should be very excited about this next part…

Yvonne de Villiers of Luna Guitars is contributing to the Proclaim giveaway in a really neat way. She is giving away a Trinity guitar, and you can see the dreadnought version here. The trinity symbol is the centerpiece of the guitar, expertly cut and decorated with a Celtic inlay. The woods used give it a beautiful finish and a versatile sound. That spruce top is super popular because it suits the tastes of so many musicians with its wide tonal palette. Throw in some decidedly bright mahogany on the back and sides, and you’ve got a real looker of a guitar. Comes complete with a built-in preamp and tuner…and the inlays are actually phases of the moon in place of regular dots. Cool! Oh, and ANOTHER detail I just learned. It has an XLR out. Perfect way to eliminate a pesky DI box.

Oh, and it is also worth mentioning that Proclaim themselves have added 10 subscriptions to their software as a prize in the giveaway. This just keeps getting better!