That’s right, we’ve got some more goodies on this new church presentation software known as Proclaim. Our contact got back to a few of us with questions, and while his hands are obviously tied with some things (product not finished yet being one reason), we did get some good chunks of information. Here’s the scoop:

1. Windows 7 is not a requirement. For churches in general, this is a good thing. Most churches aren’t exactly up with the times, technologically speaking, so this will help get a wider audience.

2. Even though your presentation is stored online for editing by multiple parties, it will actually RUN from your presentation machine’s hard drive. You can even cache the presentation beforehand, so it won’t actually waste any time loading new slides or content…it will be immediately accessible. Woohoo!

3. Simultaneous editing (a la Google Wave) is in the works, but it will not be a feature with the initial release. This is going to be a great collaborative tool, so let’s hope it doesn’t take long to arrive.

4. Pricing is not being released yet, but it will be commensurate with church sizes. Excellent! No more reason for small churches to stick with what doesn’t work. Sounds like we have a reasonably affordable package coming our way.

5. Ease of use is a high priority item. Basically, this software is being designed so that a new tech can learn it in minutes. Awesome!

6. The application that pulls presentations from the web will be the same one that actually runs the show during a service.

System requirements are coming, and I made sure to thank our good contact, Matt, profusely for the responses to our questions. Really, if you haven’t already, go check this out at, because this is already looking to be a serious contender in this market.

More to come!