Anyone reading this probably knows all about this company, so I won’t go into the gritty details. They are basically the label to a large group of very well known Christian artists like Lincoln Brewster, Israel Houghton, Paul Baloche and more.

Integrity, as their contribution to the Proclaim giveaway, is handing out 5 $100 gift certificates to their online music store. I don’t need to tell you how much music that means.

Here is a little from the Integrity Music website:

Helping people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God.

No wonder they are being so generous! If you are a music nut (which you just might be by reading this), you might wanna sign up 😉

This is the final post I will be making about the Proclaim giveaway. Then we can return to my (ir)regularly scheduled rambling. Enjoy, and good luck!