Hey folks! Here again with more from this Proclaim giveaway! This one is for the singers (or wannabe singers) out there. This one has me really quite excited.

PraiseVocals.com is a resource for teams to allow them to train vocalists with actual audio files of the various vocal parts in the song of choice. All are professionally recorded, and this giveaway offers a chance to win 1 of 2 year long subscriptions. You can also make unlimited sub-accounts for other team members…this is, in effect, a church-wide membership. Awesome!

From their website:

Praisevocals.com exists to serve the needs of worship leaders, vocal directors and praise singers who seek to give God their very best.

We are committed to improving the quality and impact of the worship experience at your church by providing a proven resource that will hone the skills and build the confidence of your vocalists while saving you valuable time, energy and resources.

Sounds like a winner to me!