I’ve got to be honest…I have a deep conflict inside me when it comes to nationalism, patriotism, and following Jesus.


Specifically to the heart of Remembrance Day, I find myself in the awkward position of at first understanding and participating in Remembrance Day, only to later look at much of what it has become as a form of idolatry.

First thing’s first. I am truly grateful that I grew up in two countries that both enjoy a great deal of freedom and civic liberty when compared to much of the world. To that end, I can appreciate some (not all) of the conflicts and sacrifices made on my behalf.

What needs to be made abundantly clear is that my true nationality is not of this earth. My King bears the title “Friend of Sinners”, and any battle truly worth fighting has already been won, long before the advent of the United States or Canada.

Now you see my conflict. On the one hand, we have great physical freedom here on earth in large part because of what our soldiers have done. It took bravery on a level many of us do not know.

YET, compared to the fight won at the cross…it is nothing but a catastrophic loss of human life to expand our rights in a merely temporal way. Our REAL freedom cannot be bound by any power on earth. If I am to boast, celebrate or proclaim about anything, let it be the victory of Christ.

If there is one thing that armed conflict should really be remembered for, it should serve as a poignant reminder that we are just dust, and that in order for our already short lives to mean a thing, they should be devoted to the real freer of captives and champion for the oppressed.