This blog exists to explore the dark and undiscovered corners of worship. It exists to open all of our minds to the possibilities when it comes to worshiping the one true God. It assumes some basic principles:

1. God is triune in nature, existing in a holy community of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
2. The Bible is 100% factual and without error in accordance with its purpose.
3. Mankind has a sinful nature, preventing us from being in relationship with God the Father without atonement.
4. Jesus died on a cross as a substitute for mankind, reconciling all who believe and confess in him with the Father, the end result of which is eternal life in heaven. Those who do not place their faith in Jesus have committed the one unforgivable sin and will serve an eternal death in hell.
5. The Holy Spirit is alive and active today, ministering to the global church by way of gifts, miracles, conviction and encouragement.

Beyond that, you should know this; the new direction in this blog is intended to be risky. As a worshiper who wants to chase after the heart of God, the relentless pursuit of real, authentic relationship with Jesus and thereby the Father is the primary goal. I believe that this relationship does not tend to abide by many of our man-made rules of etiquette, and that we often wind up having tunnel-vision, both pushing away people seeking God and limiting our own experience in this amazing relationship.

In short, the gloves are off. It’s time to get real and worship like we mean it.